“A line is a line till you give it your own imagination

and a word is a word till you give it your own story.”


This fascination with lines and words has led me onto my journey as a comic artist.

In 2019, I graduated with an MFA in Comics from California College of the Arts. Since then I have been conducting comic and basic animation workshops at various schools across the Bay Area and most recently Pittsburgh, PA. My curriculum focuses on visual storytelling, personal expression and exploration through images and words. 

I love teaching comics as I believe, it broadens one's imagination and deepens the understanding of any subject matter by breaking down complex thoughts in to simple sequential art. Also it is my pleasure to constantly get inspired and amazed by the work produced in my classrooms by my very talented students. 


My art takes its inspiration from science, nature, mythology and human behavior. 

I occasionally stumble across freelance projects, where I try to understand my client's vision and bring in my own style and sensibilities. 

I am currently pursuing my Artist and Writer's Residency at The Writer's House in Pittsburgh,PA. During the Summer and Fall of 2021, I worked as an Educator at the Carnegie Museum of Art. In Spring of 2022, I'll be working as a Limited Term Assistant Professor of Illustration and Sequential Art at the Art and Design Department of Kennesaw State University. I hope during this time, I can grow as an educator and artist, expand my business across geographies and work on my long and short format graphic novels and comics.

When I'm not drawing or teaching, I'm usually walking or hiking out in the wilderness.